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Lockeport Loop

A large number of world class artists and artisans call the Lockeport Loop home

The area's readily apparent natural beauty lures many talented and skilled individuals to settle in the area. As diverse in their mediums as the Loop's culture and geography. Many small studios are situated within the picturesque communities found along our shore line, with many of the Artists and Artisans giving one on one tours and unique insights. Who knows, you might even find that unique item to finish off your mantle piece.

Currently there is an artist in residence program on the drawing board, if you are interested in aiding this program or rendering any advice please do not hesitate to contact the beach centre at (902) 656 3123


The Tudor Tile Studio and Gardens

The functional works of art created by Rebecca Tudor are renowned for their beauty. HerĀ  custom designed, hand painted ceramic tiles can be viewed at her studio in Little Harbor or in the form of a 20ft long mosaic at the Beach Centre. Rebecca can be contacted at her email ( or by phone at (902) 656-2237.

Stanton Pottery

The work of Alison Stanton can also be found on display at the Tudor Tile studio in Little Harbor.

Crosby's Guitars

Russel Crosby designs and hand builds 4 different styles of custom acoustic guitars. Each guitar is designed to meet the exact specifications and needs of the client. The studio is located at No.42 Old Wood Road, in Jordan.

You can visit Russel on the web at:

Russel can also be contacted by phone at (902) 875 4474

Julie Balish

"Where Nature Becomes Art"

Julie's creations represent a unique fusion of indigenous flora and creativity that form "Botanical Sculptures" which are as diverse as the natural environment that inspires them.

Julie can be contacted by email at:

Julie's website is also a great place to keep track of what she is up to:

Linda Ross Photography

Linda has been photographing the places that are special to all of us for the last 20 years, her work has been featured in a number of prestigious publications, such as the Doer's and Dreamer's guide.

Linda is adept at photography from the Air, Land and Sea. Linda can be contacted by email ( or through her website (

Seagrass and Stitches

An eclectic collection of unique and inspired weaving and fiber art created by Donna Crosby. The collection can be viewed from Donna's home studio located on the upper floor of No. 19 North Street, in Lockeport

Wayne's Leather Work

Each and every piece of leather work that Wayne does is hand crafted and is custom made to the requirements and specifications of the client. Each item is a unique creation representing skill and talent on the part of its creator.

Wayne can be contacted at his home studio by phone (902) 656 2614. His home studio is located at 242 Brighton Road, within minutes of the center of Lockeport.

Sheldon Stuart

Sheldon was a fisherman for over 40 years, his art is heavily influenced by things that he has seen in his time on the waves. As a child he had an affinity for drawing natural vistas and the animals he could find around him.

His work is heavily governed by his inspirations and his desire to represent his experiences in a medium that is available to anyone.

Sheldon can be contacted by email (

The Wednesday Craft Group

For people interested in creating their own works of art, there is a weekly gathering of artists and hobbyists at the Crescent Beach Centre. Meetings are from 10am until 2pm every Wednesday. Refreshments are always on hand, and there is a cost of $2 to participate.

Observation is free, and it is very often interesting to see what every one is working on.

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