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Lockeport Loop

Town Amenities

Even now the town of Lockeport and its surrounding communities host a multitude of amenities.

What many people find appealing about Lockeport is its size. Formerly called Locke's Island, the town is situated on an isthmus now connected to the mainland by a natural causeway formed by the Crescent Beach.

The Town itself offers a full host of services, including Medical Facilities, a Post Office, 5 Churches of differing denominations, Hair Salons, a Hardware store, a Pharmacy, 3 Restaurants, and a Town Grocer. All of these are within walking distance from the town parks, the beaches and mere minutes from a number of the accommodations in the Loop Area.

The Crescent Beach Centre

The town also plays host to an architecturally unique facility known locally as " The Beach Centre." It is situated at the gateway to Lockeport, nestled in the dunes on the mainland side of the Crescent Beach. With its stunning view, multitude of activities, and brand new interpretive displays, it is a great place to discover during your time in Lockeport!

It also has bathrooms and showers, as well as an Ice Cream Bar servicing the beach.

The Building is also a C@P (public access computer) site, and the Lockeport Visitor Information Center.

The Beach Centre hosts many of the events in the town, such as the annual Sand Sculpture Contest, More information about the centre can be found at their website


Lockeport Marina

Despite the jagged coastline that makes our area so distinct, Lockeport has a safe, sheltered and easily navigable harbor.

The Coast Guard keep the navigational buoys, and hazard markers well maintained, and the presence of two light houses make Lockeport harbor a natural stopping point for yachts and sail boats traveling the coast of Nova Scotia.

The marina features extensive docking space, with floating docks. It is also located in a prime position on Lockeport's water front, less than a 5 minute walk to the shopping district.

For more information on the marina, please contact the Crescent Beach Centre at (902) 656 3123

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